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MAGI: The Abridged Series of Magic (Episode 1 + 2 Recap)

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Episode 1 - The King and I (Original Release Date: October, 2015) He seriously can't wait to be king. Extensive Custom Frames by Duchess Opening: Can't Wait to Be King (Cover) - Patty Walters Cast: MrBuddyVA - Aladdin eagle8burger - Alibaba, Additional Voices Duchess - Morgianna MyToasterIsRetarded - Jamil, Joffrey Ezekieru - Amon (Genie) LolEricLolVA - Sinbad xxbubblemunkyxx - Ja'far Dizzasta - Masrur VoiceHK - Cassim Grimmjack69 - Judar Copley - Hooded Priest GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA - Servant Music (in order): Arabian Nights - Aladdin OST Weiner Song - South Park OST John Williams - The Map Room The A...
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