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Magnussen “Suck My Balls” - Verstappen “Sore Loser” - Vettel Apologises to “Much Faster” Kimi

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0:22 Magnussen “Suck My Balls” 2:01 Alonso Fastest “Kamikaze” in Budapest 3:02 Vettel Apologises to “Much Faster” Kimi Raikkonen 4:13 Verstappen “F****ng Sore Loser” 5:46 Hamilton Keeps Promise Magnussen “Suck My Balls” A major talking point of the Hungarian Grand Prix came after the race between Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen. During the race Hulkenberg was overtaking Magnussen around the outside of turn 2 when he was forced off the track by the Haas driver who subsequently received a 5-second penalty from the stewards. It was post race when the drama ensued when Hulkenberg approached Magnussen during and interview calling...
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