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PKA 262 w FilthyRobot Taylor's Pee Story, Jackie's Cape, Steve Harvey

Trending story found on Merch: PKA Patreon: Guest: PKA on iTunes: 0:00 Intro 0:04 Ad Read: ( 0:20 The PKA Merchandise store 3:48 Celebrated Annual days and avoiding Martin Luther King Day 6:12 New Merchandise ideas 6:48 Possible Wings Hot Sauce 11:47 Kyle’s ideas that don’t come to fruition 13:21 Woodycraft Factions reset 15:25 Games Filthy has been playing 16:10 Fallout 4: Kyle’s luck character 19:54 Why Kyle stopped playing Civ and CoD 21:45 The hosts listening to themselves 24:22 The PKA Patreon 25:00 Sports the hosts played in high school 26:28 Woody’s Letterman Jacket and High School 28:20...
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