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French Canada-South Park (Lyrics)

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It's Christmas in Canada (S.7 Eps.15) ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ I do not own the audio nor the picture in this video; uploaded/recorded for entertainment purposes only. All rights are reserved/go to the original owner(s)/artist(s) of this song. (Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Comedy Central, etc.) Will remove video if asked. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Written Lyrics: Aww Jesus 18 hours We're running out of time! Alright boys prepare yourselves We're about to enter French Canada French Canada? Zer's no Canada like French Canada It's za best Canada in za land Ze other Canada is hardly Canada If you lived here for a day you'd understand Oh...
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