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Victim Fight: He Ma'am vs Captain Soyhawk

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It would be a sin not to do this and you know it. So it's only as late as a wizard intends to be. ====================================================== Go here for alerts and occasional brainfarts: Go here to put money in the hat: Bitcoin Wallet: 3C6b4xRxRUJMhpiwmMSkL4BDrj6H2gzVjj =============================================== Thanks to everyone who's putting money in the hat! Levi Warbrick Centrist Glass Cannon Barry Wright Austin Phillips Robin Wemmenlöv Matthew Grigor James Gavin G'kar Eric Cartman Derpy Paws Azmodon (Adam C) Andrew Howe Zach Millard WillMaj Vexorum THEM SNAKES Thanny Stephan Vandenborn SirCalculus Silas Saxocalypse Robert Nunn Richard Butler...
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