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頭文字D X MFゴースト: Takumi Fujiwara AE86T VS Kanata Livington ZN6 - 86 Day Special (IDAS8 Infinity)

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#InitialD #MFGhost #86day This video is in support with Game News Ninja. Click the URL below to become one of us!! Happy 86 Day, everyone! For this day, a special battle was done as I mess around with the game's code. Using the Takumi VS Keisuke RIVALSIDE battle, I was able to switch Keisuke with Kanata from MF GHOST. Can Kanata with his newer 86GT beat his mentor in his prized machine? P.S. I know, Kanata sounds like Keisuke because his audio was hardcoded into the battle. Audio lines were ripped from the game's files. Featured with Initial D...
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