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Joe Biden "Gay Bath Houses" - Musical Remix - C'mon Man! (ft. Cornpop) Corn Pop | Bathhouses

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Satire; Uncle Joe is very enthusiastic about gay bath houses. Produced by @DesmondTsuga - Donations: This is just to poke fun at Bumblin' Uncle Joe. I don't discriminate against ANY immutable identity or characteristic and mean no disrespect. ❤️ Credits: Music: "Frenchman Street" by Otis McDonald via YouTube Audio Library Credits music "Final Countdown" cover by shochan8883 YouTube channel Dancing Skeletons - Greenscreen Brasil YouTube Channel Joe Biden videos: CNN and WITN Channel 22 YouTube Channels South Park "Oh yeah that's hot" "Sparlinkling Full Rainbow" AA VFX YouTube Channel Clockface - Unknown "Greenscreen Glitters" - Chromakey Footage YouTube channel...
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