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Star Wars: Rise of The Walkback Part 1

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It's finally here! 2 hours of criticizing reviewing Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker! Part 2: Part 3: Sign up for myself and Adam Friended's Graphic Novel! Patreon: Subscibe Star: Second Channel (where I stream weekly.) Follow me on Twitter: Clips: Real Zone - Picnic Face: Dragon BallZ Abridged 55, 48, 51, 15, 27, 37: Darkest Dungeon Intro: Invader Zim, Invader Poonchy: Top 7 Super Rare Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) In Naruto: Identikit Sitch Dancing JoJo animation: Mr. Plinkett's Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith...
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