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Sassy Justice is Sponsored by the Dialysis King of Cheyenne ???? | Sassy Justice with Fred Sassy

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???? Sassy Justice is sponsored by Cheyenne Dialysis, the "dialysis king" ???? Come on down to Cheyenne Dialysis and get the best deals on your dialysis treatment. You can't afford to miss these deals! (Cheyenne Dialysis is located in downtown Cheyenne right next to Applebees on the corner of Laramie and Fairfax.) Fred Sassy is an American Consumer Advocate and reporter for the Cheyenne news at 9, a local TV station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. On his weekly show, Sassy Justice, Fred goes to battle for the common man in his hometown. This week, he’s uncovering the dangers behind manipulated videos...
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